Stickers vs. Labels

Let’s talk about stickers. Are stickers labels? Are labels stickers? Generally speaking, a label and a sticker are the same things. They are both printed on a stock, have a liner, and are die cut. However, the printing and finishing processes and the intended use separate them. 

To us at Revolution Print and Packaging, stickers are what you buy at a gift shop while on vacation that you put on a water bottle, cooler, or in a scrapbook. The single stickers are usually custom laser die cut with a crack-n-peel liner (but not always), making them easy to apply. In addition, they are often printed with a laminate for outdoor use or any unexpected conditions to protect them from many elements. They are also generally printed on a thicker stock than a label.

A label is also custom die cut, printed on various stocks that will hold up in various applications, and comes on a roll. Generally, labels on a roll are applied to a product via an automated machine. The machine will determine the orientation (rewind) on the roll. Printed labels will stand up to their anticipated conditions, some quite harsh, like frozen packages or products used in water or with corrosive chemicals. Laminates for labels and stickers will help protect the printed piece.

At Revolution Print and Packaging, we print labels that come on a roll or are sheeted. Sheeted labels are produced with many labels on a cut sheet, not meant for machine application. Depending on your product needs, there are various options for inks, stock, and finishes. 

So, the answer is yes – stickers are labels, and labels are stickers! 🙂

If you want to see the difference, stop by; we have an owner obsessed with labels and stickers. Well, no, it’s actually a sickness! But that is for another blog.