Pressure-Sensitive Label Capabilities

Labels are often a consumer’s first look at your product; judgments are made within three seconds, making how your label was printed much more critical. We offer many printing options to get you the look and feel you want and need for your branding.  

Here are some of our capabilities for your label project.

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Capabilities Icon Pressure Sensitive Flexible Printing Label


Pressure-sensitive labels (PSLs) are for everything from automotive and industrial products, chemicals, household goods, food and beverage, health and fitness, medical, and many other applications.

The primary substrate of paper, film, or foil is printed using a wide variety of inks. PSLs offer extraordinary versatility and can bring any product to life. This highly universal label solution constitutes more than 75 percent of all labels in the market.

Capabilities Icon DieCut Flexible Printing Label


Create labels in any shape or size with our custom die cut capabilities. We can customize die cut labels to meet any application's demands with the highest level of consistency, quality, and durability.

With a wide variety of tooling in stock, we often have the size and shape your need for your specific project.

Capabilities Icon Cold Foil Flexible Printing Label Embellishment


Create a unique metallic look on any material with our complete foil stamping capabilities. Custom foil gives your product labels a shiny, metallic sheen that draws attention and creates a high-end look for any brand.

Cold foil is a popular, cost-effective choice to get an accent on your label. It is popular among craft beer, wine, and spirit companies as well as on beauty/wellness products.

Capabilities Icon Extended Data (Wraparound and Peel Back) Flexible Printing Label

Peel back)

When packaging profiles are too small with not enough room on labels, Extended content labels (ECT) provide space for more graphics and copy. The label is larger than the bottle itself. By folding the label, it can wrap around the bottle and peel back, revealing more content.

Expanded content labels are all engineered to do the same thing — increase the amount of space available for text and graphics.

Capabilities Icon Cast and Cure Flexible Printing Label Embellishment


A unique and cost-effective way to get a holographic effect without the expense is with Cast and Cure or film casting. This technology uses varnishes and specialty films to create a diffractive surface that produces a unique finish.

It can be spot applied to any area of your design. The pattern can also be customized with your branding elements. Unlike holographic films, casting films are recyclable, making it a better option for your packaging needs.

Capabilities Icon Variable Data Flexible Printing Label


Variable information printing (VIP) or variable imaging (VI) is digital and/or on-demand printing. Elements such as numbers, text, graphics, and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file.

Capabilities Icon Security Black Light Ink Flexible Printing Label

(Security Labels)

Infrared Transparent Ink, also called Infrared Reflective Ink, can be used for security measures or concealed printing. We have the capability of printing IR ink on the surface of any material that’s compatible with our presses.

These inks are entirely invisible to the human eye unless viewed under a blacklight or a device that sees in the infrared range. Print any image or design that meets your security needs. It also enhances any security measure by adapting a Variable Printing Data (VDP) format.