Artboards in Illustrator

artboard size does matter

Illustrator is our preferred program for creating artwork for labels. In Illustrator, the artboard is the main drawing area where you create and edit your artwork for your label.

Creating a new document in Illustrator will include a single artboard by default, but you can add or remove them as needed. In addition, the artboard can be sized as needed to fit your design requirements.


The size of your artboard is actually really important. The artboard defines the printable area of your document, the boundaries of your artwork, and, most often, the die size. Regardless of the size and shape of your label, you must include a die line*.

Revolution Print and Packaging Adobe Illustrator Art Board How-To

For example, if you have a label that is 4” x 4”, your artboard would be 4” x 4”. Don’t forget to add bleed if necessary (more on that here).

If your die line is an odd shape, use the largest width and height to determine your artboard*.

You can create multiple artboards in a single Illustrator document if you have multiple versions of your labels that will print simultaneously.

  • Tip: name/rename your artboards to reflect what is actually on that artboard. Delete any unused artboards from your file before submitting it for printing.
    • Remember to include the die line on all artboards via the layers palette*.
Revolution Print and Packaging Adobe Illustrator Art Board How-To

If you have any questions on how to set up your artboards, don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to help!

*Read more about die lines here.

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