Becky Francis American Business Women's Day Image

Honoring Becky Francis: American Business Women’s Day

Co-owner of Revolution Print and Packaging Becky isn’t new to starting a business. As an accountant, she helped create and grow a successful company years ago. However, starting a flexo print company was the last thing she had imagined – she didn’t know anything about print. But, she does know accounting, and that is where she shines.

What felt like a secret operation to get Revolution Print and Packaging started was actually a blessing to her and her family. She was approached by Troy, who she knew from a prior business relationship. Troy knew that she would be an excellent fit for Revolution Print and Packaging, with her extensive accounting background. Troy, Mat, and Becky have the same business philosophies – take care of your employees, and your employees will take care of the customers! Put your reputation on the line and treat people right.

“Starting a business can be complex, but you can’t pay an attorney or an accountant too much to get it going,” says Becky. “Everything needs to be legal, in writing, and upfront for a business to thrive and grow. You also need to love what you are doing,” she continues.

Now that she has realized the magic of flexible printing, what she finds fascinating is watching the press run. For example, how can a roll of film start at one end of the press, and in 6 minutes at the other end, you can have 25,000 custom die-cut labels? Revolution Print and Packaging has the technology and presses that make that magic happen.

Becky has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting that she received from UVSC when her children were young. They all did homework together! She has 5 kids, 6.5 grandchildren, and a husband that all support her. Owning a business has given her the flexibility to control and own her time. “Having a flexible schedule is really important to me,” Becky says.